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Extrusion machinery manufacturing industry manufacturing methods

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Machinery manufacturing industry is an important industry, machinery manufacturing generally refers to the chemical machinery, power machinery, machine tools, tools, equipment and other machinery and equipment processing and production. Machinery manufacturing is generally high-volume manufacturing, with high accuracy and high degree of automation. Machinery manufacturing methods are generally drilling, turning, milling, grinding, planing, boring these types, the following for everyone to introduce in detail.

1 drilling

Drilling machine refers to the machine that mainly uses the drill bit to process the hole in the workpiece. Normally the drill bit rotates to the main movement, and the drill bit moves axially into the feed movement. The drilling machine has the advantages of simple structure, relatively low machining precision, drill hole, blind hole, special tool, expandable, countersinking, reaming or tapping.

2 turning

Lathe is the main movement of the workpiece rotation, turning the machine for the feed movement of the rotary surface of the machine. It can be used to process a variety of rotary molding surface, such as: inside and outside the cylindrical surface, inside and outside the conical surface, internal and external thread and the end, grooves, knurling and so on. It is the most widely used metal cutting machine, the longest production history, the largest variety of a machine.

3 Milling

Milling machine refers to the main use of milling cutter in the workpiece processing a variety of surface of the machine. Usually the milling cutter movement is the main movement, the workpiece (and) the movement of the milling cutter for the feed movement. It can process the plane, groove, can also process a variety of surfaces, gears and so on.

4 grinding

Grinding machine refers to the use of abrasive or abrasive processing of various parts of the surface of the machine. It is usually used for grinding hardened surfaces. In general, the abrasive rotation is the main movement, the movement of the workpiece or the abrasive is the feeding movement, its application is wide, the machining precision is high, the surface roughness Ra is small

5 planing

Planer refers to the machine tool that uses the planer to machine the surface of the workpiece. Cutters and workpieces do relatively linear motion for processing, mainly for a variety of plane and groove processing, can also be used for straight forming surface processing.




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